Solar Cells


The purpose of this website is to facilitate interactions among researchers interested in emergent phenomena that occur mainly in crystalline materials and their related nanosystems and devices.  For instance, a crystal grower might have a sample on his/her shelf that a measurer might want to explore.  More generally, growers, measurers, and theorists can expand their spheres of collaboration by searching the site for researchers with complementary expertise and mutual interests.

On the Members page are names of materials researchers and organizations with materials programs. This page is searchable (by name, expertise, interests, and organization), allowing for quick identification of possible collaborators.

The Samples page is a repository of information on samples that already exist on the shelves of growers. The samples are currently searchable by chemical formula and by keywords (e.g. "perovskite" or "manganate").  The ability to associate a data file with a specific sample allows this site to be used as a data management platform.

The Resources page is a repository for information useful to materials scientists, especially those entering the field, and includes scientfic advisories, user facilities, grant opportunities, and journals. 

The Forums page can be used to convey information to those who visit the site, and as a space for researchers to ask for community tips or advice.

This is an experimental website, hosted by the UCSC Baskin School of Engineering.  Please send comments and suggestions via the Contact form.


Art Ramirez