From left to right: Theodore Geballe, Joseph P. Remeika, and Bernd T. Matthias in front of a blackboard in Rm 1C-221 at Bell Labs in Murray Hill in 1977.  Most of the samples listed as stored at UCSC were grown by Joe Remieka at Bell. Photo by George Indig.


Researchers can use MAP in different ways.  First, anyone is free to browse the sample collections, accessed in the Samples tab. Feel free to contact the owner of a sample to start a collaboration.  Second, researchers can be listed in the Members section, which indicates an active interest in materials research.  We have included in the initial list only people known to us, so the list is incomplete.  To become a Listed Member, or request de-listing, please contact the site administrators using the Contact tab.  Finally, researchers can be contributors to the site.  Contributing Members will be able to modify their research profile to indicate areas of research interest, technique expertise, and samples available for possible collaboration. To become a contributor, contact the site administrators to obtain a username and password.